About me



Earthly pilgrimage is the observation of the world. We constantly register different images. Some of them are moving, some are touching, some fall in memory for a long time. But others are being quickly erased from it... Every picture seen with our eyes, is unique in its own way, exceptional and unrepeatable. Will we be able to see the same thing twice? Is the risk not too big that the present moment, so unsustainable, flies away forever? How to stop it? Is it even possible?

Here comes photography. It gives the endless possibility of capturing images, recording the passing reality. It is photography, the world registered in the frame, that gives the opportunity to go back to the past, re-enter into the flow of the same river ...

My relationship with photography has lasted for years, but recently has matured and gained a new, deeper dimension. A favorite theme of my work is landscape. Still I look at the world and over the years find in its nature, structure, light, more and more beauty. The beauty of every passing moment which, due to the fact that I was able to "catch" with the camera lens, I can go back to at any time.

One of my favorite techniques of creating landscape images, popular among many photographers, is using grey/graduated neutral density filters which allow me to extend the exposure time. Some of you may ask: why? Why have you picked such a direction? Well, what I'm trying to show in my work is another dimension of the world, transport the viewer to the world which is in some way unreal, but actual at the same time. The world that the human eye can’t see. I strive to bring out the hidden potential of nature, present the scene, show the spectacle captured in one frame, created by the dynamic bringing together of elements: earth, air and water. I try to stop dozens of different moments and compile them into one - unique moment. I try to show every day uncommonness, the well-known world from the unknown side. I try to move what the human eye is unable to capture into the image, by making use of technology as a tribute to the beauty of nature.

Thank you for visiting my website.

I hope that the time spent here has allowed you to get away for it all and enter my world.