Foto-Kurier, September 2014


"The Sound Of Light" was picked as the July Photo Of The Month .

Digital Camera Polska, May 2013


"Mysterious Shapes Of The Night" was chosen as The Photo Of The Month.

N-Photo Deutschland, March 2014


"The Lost Soul" image was chosen from my portfolio and published in the "Lightbox" section.

Foto-Kurier, March 2014


"Cionn Mhálanna" was published in the "Best Of The Best" section.

N-Photo, February 2014

United Kingdom

"The Ocean Terrace" was mentioned in the Lightbox section.

Camerapixo, November 2013

United Kingdom

"Drifting Away" was picked for the second edition of best photographs: "Hot Shots 2".

Digital Photo, January 2013

United Kingdom

Short story about image called "Distant World", in section "Photo Inside".

Camerapixo, February 2012

United Kingdom

Over 20 photographs from my portfolio was published.

N-Photo, June 2012

United Kingdom

Short description about my photography, used gear, also a couple of quite useful tips, related to landscape photography. Additionally four of my photographs were published.

Digital Camera, December 2011

United Kingdom

Freedom" and "Just Me & You" published in "Your Pictures" section.